UDC 656.13.08

Vasile Plămădeală, Sergiu Dîntu

Abstract. The human factor is the main element in the production of road events, not only in terms of percentage, but also in absolute importance, because, ultimately, road and technical issues are involved in road accidents only in strict accordance with the behavior and the direct action of the driver, who, within the road traffic system, is more variable and unpredictable than the vehicle, road and environmental factors. The driver is guilty of 70-90% of the total number of road accidents. More than a third of people killed and injured in road accidents worldwide are drivers. The article describes the role of the driver in the DVRE system, the risk factors and the causes contributing to the occurrence of road accidents. A brief analysis of road accident statistics due to drivers in the Republic of Moldova and around the world is performed. It also describes the evolution of the unmanned car and other innovative technologies and ideas for automating car driving.

Keywords: driver, autopilot, road accidents, traffic accidents, traffic safety.

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