APPROVED at the Senate of

Technical University of Moldova,

23 November 2021

Report no. 05


The Technical University of Moldova (TUM) recognizes the strategic importance of Open Access to Information and undertakes to disseminate as widely as possible the results of the scientific activity.

Open access to information is the free, immediate, online availability of scientific articles, allowing any user to read, copy, print, distribute, use for any legal purpose without any financial or technical barriers.

Electronic publication of scientific research results provides the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge freely with the scientific community and the public. Removing access barriers will make scientific communication more effective, increase the visibility and impact of research. Open Access will essentially contribute to the promotion of scientific and technological results of performance, innovative research, recognition of their significance and importance at national and international level.


  1. Ensuring the long-term management and preservation of the digital scientific works produced by the university community, researchers and engineers.
  2. Provide the widest possible access to the scientific work produced by the academic community.


  1. Implementing Open Access to TUM’s scientific publications through complementary models:
    • data archiving of the scientific journals published by TUM in the Institutional Repository of the Technical University of Moldova;
    • data archiving of scientific journals published by TUM on external platforms of other university libraries;
    • policy archiving of scientific journals published by TUM in the SHERPA / RoMEO database;
    • registration of TUM’s scientific journals in the DOAJ International Directory (Open Access Journals).
  2. Registration of TUM’s Institutional Policy on Open Access to Information in the form of an institutional mandate in the Register of Open Access Repository Mandatory Archiving Policies (ROARMAP), which will authorize Open Access to the results of publicly funded scientific research.
  3. Registration of the TUM Institutional Repository in the Registry of Open Access Repository (ROAR).
  4. Electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content is assured by the institutional repository of the Technical University of Moldova – and National Bibliometric Tool (IBN) –