UDC 621.314.222

Sveatoslav Postoronca, Dmitrii Zaitsev, Mihai Tirsu, Irina Golub, Danila Kaloshin

Abstract. The development of power engineering assumes the increasing flexibility of power networks through the use of various kinds of FACTS, controlled by means of power electronics and being elements of the Smart Grid. These kinds of devices can be attributed to controllers such as UPFS and „Sen” Transformer (ST), which provide regulation of voltage and power flows in networks. Due to the relevance of this topic, technical solutions are proposed that perform similar functions, which implies the need for a comparative analysis of such developments in order to optimize energy characteristics of the equipment. The scope of the paper is to develop and study a regulating transformer which belongs to the „Sen” family, but possessing the extended range and higher control accuracy. Carrying out research, mode parameters of the device were treated, as well as typical power was determined.

Keywords: booster transformer, load, voltage control, active power, reactive power compensation, operation mode control.

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