UDC 620.92:621.31

Corina Guțu-Chetrușca, Dumitru Braga

Abstract. The main global concern in the energy sector is the substitution of fossil fuels and the mitigation of climate change – the transition to the carbon neutrality of the economy. For the power sector, the main solution for this transition is to use hydro, wind and solar energy sources, which have a high energy potential, including in the Republic of Moldova. Variable renewable energy sources, wind and solar, due to their intermittent nature have a significant impact on the power system and the quality of electricity. The necessary measures to reduce the impact of the variability of these sources are presented. The most appropriate measure would be to use pumped storage hydropower plants. The water losses from their accumulation lakes were appreciated. That constitutes approx. 1 … 2 m3/MWh which is considerably lower than the losses from the Thermal Power Plants with steam turbines.

Keywords: variable renewable energy sources, energy storage, water losses.

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