UDC 663.4:573.4

Aliona Sclifos, Iurie Scutaru

Abstract. The paper investigated the influence of microorganisms on the quality of Oettinger and Timișoreana beer, in the context of improving the manufacturing methodology of the finished product. Two types of yeast were used for fermentation: Oettinger and SAB-5. At the end of the fermentation process, the microbiological sample was selected to determine the anaerobic bacteria harmful to the beer. Various methods of seeding and sampling were analyzed, such as seeding on several types of media: Wort, Endo and NBB-A, media used to determine the types of microorganisms present at each stage of production. As the level of free amino acids (FAN) is a significant indicator of the completion of the fermentation process, the influence of FAN on the dissociation of yeast and diacetyl content was also analyzed. Subsequently, at the end of the fermentation process, microbiological growths were determined.
Keywords: OT-Oettinger and TM-Timișoreana beer, microorganisms, yeast, culture media, bacteria Pectinatus, FAN – free amino acids.

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